Hot Yoga 26&2 Teacher Training



What an amazing experience!  I originally enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training at Flow Space to improve my understanding of yoga.  What I finished with was a new understanding of myself, owing to the encouragement to step outside my comfort zone in a warm and supportive environment.  I now have the knowledge and confidence to teach others, a path I did not expect to take.  Deepest thank yous to Adam, Jen and Amanda. 

Amanda. G

(recent graduate)



About the Course


*Includes Unlimited Membership at both studios for the duration of the course*


Have you ever dreamt of learning to Teach the original Hot Yoga sequence comprising of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises?

As Perth’s original Hot Yoga studio and with over 10 years experience in the Hot Yoga Industry, Flow Space Yoga offers the only Yoga Alliance certified Hot Yoga Teacher Training program in Perth.

At Flow Space we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality Teachers BUT we equally understand that your interest in this course may have nothing to do with actually Teaching yoga!

Instead, you may be seeking a deeper, richer understanding of YOU and how Yoga can assist you in your life both ON and OFF the mat. Either way, this course delivers…

hot yoga teacher training

15th – 18th SEPT | MODULE 1a

(In Studio) 

Techniques, Anatomy, Teaching Methodology & Posture Breakdown

6th – 9th OCT | MODULE 1b

(In Studio) 

Pranayama, Teaching Methodology & Posture Breakdown

24th – 28th OCT | MODULE 2

Yallingup Retreat

Teaching Methodology, Belief Systems, Meditation, Daily Practice

12th – 13th NOV | MODULE 3

(In Studio) 

The Art of Assisting

19th – 20th NOV | MODULE 4

(In Studio) 

Review & Certification


Hot Yoga balancing stick pose


– A Brief Course Overview –


Foundational principles of the core 26 asanas

Pranayama and Ujjayi breathing

Tadasana Alignment

Advancing your practice

Correlations with other modalities

Personal Coaching and feedback


Traditional core 26&2 class framework

Implement Tadasana principles for safe alignment

The history and lineage of the 26&2 asanas

The art of teaching: mechanics, philosophy, and application

Ethical leadership

Teaching with confidence and operative command


Relevant and specific Asana anatomy and physiology

Yoga history and philosophy

Modifications for injury and student experience

Demystifying yoga: chakra, bandha, karma, tapas, yama, niyama, etc.

Yoga astanga- eight limbs

Pregnancy modifications

The business of yoga


Co-dependent versus independent teaching techniques for empowerment & effective leadership

Ayurveda Foundations – Yogas Sister Science

 Belief Systems – The Invisible Driver

Four Functions of the Mind

Increasing your value in yoga today


Hot Yoga Standing bow pulling pose

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The freedom to Teach anywhere in the world
Our 200HR Course is registered with Yoga Alliance

Our studio has met the stringent requirements of Yoga Alliance US, denoting the highest standards of yoga teacher training, and enabling our graduates to apply for RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) status.
Yoga Alliance is the largest internationally recognised organisation for professional yoga teachers and schools. With high standards both in teaching and in ethics, certification from Yoga Alliance requires the utmost consistency and quality in yoga teaching facilities. With our certification, you can be confident that the Flow Space programme delivers the highest standards in yoga teaching, and that all our teaching faculty members have the necessary qualifications.
After completing your 200-hour training with Flow Space, you may apply for RYT status with Yoga Alliance, giving you professional yoga teaching certification (Registered Yoga Teacher, commonly abbreviated as 200 RYT) and the ability to Teach anywhere in the world.

Hot Yoga teacher Jen Rose standing head to knee pose

Our teacher training programme is a powerful catalyst for personal transformation. Dive deeper into your practice, confront beliefs that hold you back, and discover your authentic self. Training with Flow Space will help you unlock the best of you and equip you with everything you need to be a strong and confident teacher if you choose to take that path. Equally, if Teaching is not in your plans, you will still cultivate the tools and knowledge to live a more authentic life with a deep understanding of the physical practice as well as the philosophy of yoga.

You’ll learn from passionate and highly experienced teachers with decades of experience, imparting wisdom from their years of teaching yoga. We deliver a comprehensive, empowering programme, equipping students with the confidence and know-how to start teaching yoga with joy and authenticity as well an opportunity to live into the highest version of themselves.