Yoga Teacher Training




Our Teacher Training is an ‘in person’ course by design.

At Flow Space connection and community are everything! It’s our belief that an in-person course fosters a rich environment for interactive learning. Trainees can engage in immediate, face-to-face discussions, ask questions, and receive instant feedback from Teachers, promoting deeper understanding and real-time clarification. We also feel the in-person format encourages social interaction, peer collaboration, and a sense of belonging within a learning community, which enhances the educational experience and builds a network for future opportunities.




About the Course


This journey begins with YOU.


When you embrace change, develop self-awareness, and connect with your deepest aspirations, you have the power to create a positive impact.

Our 200-hour Teacher Training program has been structured to be transformational, not just educational. It equips you with a blend of ancient and modern practices that influence not only the body but also the mind and heart. Whether your goal is to teach yoga classes, coach individuals, or lead communities, upon graduation, you’ll be well-prepared to inspire others.



2024 DATES


29th AUG – 1st SEPT | MODULE 1a

thurs – sunday

(In Studio) 

Laying The Foundations

The Art of Confidence & Connection

19th SEPT – 22nd SEPT | MODULE 1b

thurs – sunday

(In Studio) 

Integration and Deepening

The Art of Teaching & Building Community



10th – 13th OCT | MODULE 2

thurs – sun

(In Studio) 




Mastering Your Inner World.


INSIGHT is a life changing 4 days of personal transformation using a unique blend of Eastern Philosophies and Western Frameworks. This immersive experience is designed to peel back the layers and get to the heart of what is driving YOU as an individual, so you can show up authentically and as the highest version of yourself.


This is an opportunity to take your beliefs, values and rules – the blueprint and foundation for every part of your life – and DECIDE to sculpt yourself into what you’re capable of being instead of accepting whatever life and circumstance has suggested you show up as.


26th – 27th OCT | MODULE 3

sat – sun

(In Studio) 

The Art of Assisting

1st – 3rd NOV | MODULE 4

fri – sun

(In Studio) 

The Business of Yoga

Review & Certification




– A Brief Course Overview –




Get to know the foundations of musculoskeletal anatomy, dive into postural practice and start to understand anatomical intelligent sequencing.

Explore both the ancient roots and the modern evolution of vinyasa yoga. Integrate functional movement principles of foundational mobility, strength and flexibility for you and your students.



In-depth asana physiology and alignment

Applied anatomy

Study of breath

History of yoga




Put your knowledge into motion. Our students practice teaching every single day of the course. Dive deeper into teaching methodology, explore the art of sequencing, uncover the wisdom of ancient yogic literature. You’ll use the philosophy you studied to examine your own way of being.

Learn how to bring the teachings of yoga to life.



Mindfulness and the Default Mode Network

The art of intelligent sequencing and theming

Live coaching on your teaching and peer feedback

Yoga’s key literature and applied philosophy





Confidence is a skill that can be developed. We’ll dive deep into how to manage your emotions in stressful environments so that you can show up as your authentic self no matter the situation.



How to speak powerfully to large groups and feel confident

The ART of Communication and how to connect to diverse audiences

The ‘3 must haves’ to build a connected Community





After being at the front line of the Yoga Industry for over 15 years, we’ll take you behind the scenes to discover exactly what it takes to thrive as a Yoga Teacher or Studio Owner.



How to get hired as a New Teacher

How to create multiple revenue streams

The A-Z of opening a Yoga Studio

How to create and run successful Yoga Retreats

How to Market yourself and build a Brand





We are committed to supporting you on every step of your journey, and that doesn’t end when you graduate. We offer Teacher Development sessions, free for all graduates.

These are all offered as part of your ongoing relationship with us, at no extra cost.



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I never would have imagined taking up yoga TT with Flow Space would have landed me in the place I am today – with so much clarity and purpose, amongst many other things. I wanted you to understand how much impact you’ve had on my life…. “

Mish. M

“Thank you again for creating and guiding us on one of the most incredible experiences”

Sam. M

“Thanks so much Flow Space, this training is one of the best things I’ve ever done. “

Nikki. B

“This experience has been one that I’ll remember for the rest of my life “

Jess. B
The freedom to Teach anywhere in the world
Our 200HR Course is registered with Yoga Alliance

Our studio has met the stringent requirements of Yoga Alliance US, denoting the highest standards of yoga teacher training, and enabling our graduates to Certify as Registered Yoga Teachers.
Yoga Alliance is the largest internationally recognised organisation for professional yoga teachers and schools. With high standards both in teaching and in ethics, certification from Yoga Alliance requires the utmost consistency and quality in yoga teaching facilities. With our certification, you can be confident that the Flow Space programme delivers the highest standards in yoga teaching, and that all our teaching faculty members have the necessary qualifications.
After completing your 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with Flow Space, you will have the ability to Teach anywhere in the world.