These are some of the most common questions we get from new students. If you have another question please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?
Yoga BYO Yoga mat is best, plus, get ready to sweat - a towel is also handy! We have mats and towels to hire for $2 each if you need. Please wipe down the mat with the spray and sponge provided and hang it up after class. Pilates Socks are required. We recommend grippy socks and if you don’t have any, we do sell some at the studio. Normal socks are fine too, and we recommend you use the grippy mat that you’ll find near the reformer bed. Make sure you hydrate well before any class and bring a water bottle for after. We have filter taps in the bathrooms to refill and we sell some bottled water – ask at reception.
Where can I park?
North Perth There are a number of bays in front and behind the studio. Please don’t double park - we have Pilates and Yoga classes overlapping so not all classes finish at the same time. If these are full you can find street parking but please mind the parking signs as the rangers do patrol the area. Give yourself enough time for parking and if you park down the street, allow a few minutes for walking. Myaree There is plenty of parking around the Myaree studio. Please don’t park in the parking bay next door in front of the garage as this is a loading zone.  
What is a good class for beginners?
All of our classes are open to all levels. We recommend everyone take each class at their own pace, only do what feels right and listen to your body – it may feel different day-to-day and each time you get on the mat! Hot yoga is a steadier flow compared to our Power Flow classes so you might find this a nice place to start. Our Slow flow classes move more slowly and take more time for articulating the poses so this is also a good place to spend more time in each pose – however slow doesn’t mean easy! It’s a good class for building strength! All our Pilates Reformer classes are open to all levels as well. Let the teacher know it’s your first time and they’ll show you the ropes of the reformer!
What do I wear?
Comfy clothing in breathable, light fabrics. You can do Yoga and Pilates in whatever you feel comfortable in, and it doesn’t need to be fancy! Most people wear leggings or shorts and a t-shirt or a crop top/sports bra.
What happens if I’m late for class?
Sometimes things don’t work out, usually those days when you feel you need a movement practice the most! We recommend giving yourself plenty of time to get to class and find parking. If you arrive late, you may find that the doors are locked for security reasons or your spot has been given to another student. If you know you won’t make it in time please cancel yourself out of the class via the Mind Body app.
What happens if I miss my class?
If you know you are unable to come to the Yoga or Pilates class, please log in and cancel yourself out so your spot can be given to another member.   If you are booked into a Pilates class and you cancel less than 4 hours before the start time of the class, you will be charged a $15 late fee. Similarly, if you don’t show up you will be charged a $15 late fee. It is also important that you sign in at reception, so you are not marked as absent.   We haven’t always had this in place for Pilates classes, but we really encourage students to be aware of their bookings and if you know you can’t make it anymore, please cancel yourself out more than 4 hours before the class so that another student can enjoy class.   If you cancel more than 4 hours before the start of class, you won’t be charged a cancel fee and you can reuse your pass.
How does the waitlist work?
If a class is coming up as full or the “book now” button is not there it means the class is full. You can add yourself to the waitlist. If the waitlist is also full this won’t come up as an option and we suggest you check back later – spots usually come up! If a spot becomes available, you will receive a text message or email – please check your communication opt ins in your account – if you’re not sure ask us at reception. If you sign up to a waitlist, please be aware that this also means that you are committing to the class and if you come off the waitlist the same late or no-show fees may apply. If you put yourself on the waitlist and can no longer make class, please take yourself off the list. The waitlist is locked 1 hour before class so students can not be added to the class or the waitlist at this point.
Are your classes heated?
Our Power Flow & Slow Flow classes are heated to around 32 - 34 degrees celsius. Our Hot Yoga classes are heated to around 38 degrees +. Our Pilates Reformer and Yin Yoga classes are not heated.
Do you have a FIFO Pass?
Yes! For Yoga our FIFO pass is unlimited classes for 7 days for $89. These passes are ideal if you’re coming 4+ times a week. If less than that we recommend a 10 class pass and we are happy to extend it for you to make up for the weeks you are away. Please get in touch with us if you wish to have a FIFO option or message us on socials.