Our Flow Space studios are inclusive spaces, welcoming people of all fitness and experience levels, with a diverse range of Yoga and Pilates classes taught by highly skilled teachers. Explore all our offerings to find the perfect fit for you. You’re welcome to attend any class on our schedule.

Yoga + Hot Pilates CLASSESReformer Pilates CLASSES

Power Flow


VIBES: Strength and stretch meet balance and breath. Discover your inner warrior in this modern fiery Vinyasa practice. Increase your overall mobility and leave feeling energized and full of good vibes.

MOVES: Balanced blend of simple but strong movements that awaken the entire body and focus the mind.

TEMP: Invigorating 34 degrees.

SESH TIME: 60 minutes.

GEAR: BYO mat (available for hire). Yoga blocks are provided free of charge. We recommend bringing: Sweat towel + drink bottle.

Hot Yoga


VIBES: A re-energising sweat sesh!

MOVES: A series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises all practiced in a heated room for max stretch and strength. If you're feeling tight and inflexible...this is your class!

Suitable for ALL LEVELS!

TEMP: Invigorating 38 degrees.

SESH TIME: 60 minutes.

GEAR: BYO mat (available for hire), sweat towel + drink bottle.

Pilates Burn


VIBES: Feel the fire as you experience a full body workout focused on levelling up and targeted muscle toning. Let the sweat FLOW as you strengthen your Glutes, Thighs and Abs! Addictive and suitable for all levels, you’ll feel challenged, strong and inspired!

MOVES: Spicy series of mat pilates moves with dynamic reps and the option to pump it up with weights of 2kg up to 7kg.

TEMP: Invigorating 34 degrees.

SESH TIME: 45 minutes.

GEAR: BYO mat (available for hire). Weights provided.

We recommend bringing: Sweat towel + drink bottle.

Yin Yoga


VIBE: Balance out your busy ‘yang’ day with this peaceful practice of deep stretches. Tightness and tension melt away in this full-body softening that will leave you feeling refreshed and supported.

MOVES: Grounding Yin postures are held for juicier hold times of 3-5 minutes each to achieve a deep release in targeted muscle groups.

TEMP: Room Temp (approx. 24 degrees)

SESH TIME: 60 minutes.

GEAR: BYO mat (available for hire). Yoga blocks and bolsters provided.

Power Reformer


VIBES:  A total-body workout designed to level up your strength and mood. Challenge yourself in this high-energy reformer class that serves up major motivation. All Levels welcome.

MOVES: Strong movements target core, legs, arms and everything in-between! Resistant Spring options give you infinite opportunities to dial it up and strengthen your routine.

TEMP: Room temp.

SESH TIME: 45 minutes.

GEAR: Grip socks recommended.

BYO: A sweat towel + drink bottle.