Vanessa Franchina

yoga teacher

I first started practicing yoga regularly when Jen and Adam opened the first Bikram studio in Perth, 10
years ago. After my first yoga class I was hooked.
For me any movement is good, but what yoga offers is that time to be completely focused and mindful,
without the rush of being somewhere or doing something else.The benefits of Yoga includepeace,
stillness, energy, mental decluttering and mental focus… to name a few.
I would love to do a studio practice every day, but I’m a mum and in this season of my life studio
practice is around three times a week. I love to finish my High Intensity Interval Training workouts or a
run with a yoga sesh at home, and I start the day with a 5-10 minute meditation every morning, more if
the kids sleep in!
The biggest challenge of teaching is getting out of the way and reminding myself I’m in the room to
serve the students. I thrive on seeing students walk out of the room sweaty but refreshed and
energized, and knowing I was part of that experience for them.
I love the chats with the students before and after class, and watching how they have formed
friendships at the studio over the years.