Sarah Tjing

yoga teacher

I took sporadic yoga classes from the age of 17, but didn’t commit to a regular practice until 10
years later. I was highly stressed and needed an outlet to release the load, so I checked out the
closest yoga studio to me (Flow Space Myaree) and found immense relief – yoga has been my
remedy ever since.
I had mixed feelings about starting teaching. I knew I wanted to do something that had a
positive impact on people (I always thought comedians had the best job because they get to
make people laugh for a living).
However, I’m a self-confessed introvert and the concept of speaking in front of a class terrified
me. But the thought of not teaching pained me more than the fear of teaching.
So I did my yoga teaching training with Power Living in 2015 – it was quite an organic
progression to train with a studio that felt like home, and with a community that felt like family.
Today, teaching fills my cup as much as practising – they say you teach what you most need to
learn, and that certainly is the case for me.
Sharing learnings and reflections from my personal practice, on and off the mat, is a very
meaningful exchange to me. And knowing I’m part of a process that heals and transforms an
individual is a very special honour I have tremendous gratitude for.