Renee Sumich

yoga teacher

I came to learn and love yoga through my dad. I danced up until I was 16, so when dad told me he was
starting yoga to improve his cycling, I was keen to try it.
At first, all I wanted out of yoga was a new way of working out. I had no idea how much I would fall in
love with the methods and spirituality behind it all.
I did the Power Living teacher training program with Adam to deepen my practice and learn more of the
philosophy that we would get glimpses of in class; and once I got into it I found such a passion to teach! I
had hesitations and doubts about putting myself out there, but when Power Living offered me a
teaching job, it reassured me I was on the right path.
I can’t explain the joy I feel walking into the studio. There’s an amazing sense of community, where you
can sit down next to someone new and start chatting like you’ve known them for ages. There’s a unique
sense of allowing yourself to be vulnerable, knowing that you’re in a safe and welcoming environment.
Yoga is my coffee in the morning! I love getting up super early and rolling out my mat. Just being able to
re-connect with my body after a long sleep, sets up the rest of my day to tackle whatever comes. I love
practicing at a studio, feeling the energy of other practitioners and moving together with breath.