Oli Francis

yoga teacher

Oli is a dedicated yoga practitioner with extensive, hands-on assisting experience. A teacher of Vinyasa and Yin, he brings a focused and conscious approach to these two distinctive practices. Oli is inspired by the science of both dynamic and passive movement and enjoys challenging students in a safe and responsible manner.

Oli’s path to yoga was somewhat unconventional. Like many twenty-year olds, he liked to party and wasn’t interested in doing much else but in his mid-twenties, he started to think more about his health and stumbled across Bikram yoga, almost by chance. As a drummer in a punk band and regular sufferer of RSI and Tennis Elbow, he found that through Bikram, the heat, movement and strengthening of his joints quickly solved his joint-pain issues. He still continues to play music, pain-free.

As his interest in yoga grew, he discovered Vinyasa and never looked back. With this more dynamic style came the inward mental shift of a focused and mindful practice. Oli learned to appreciate a meditative approach to yoga. He understands how powerful it can be coming to terms with your body as it is; to nurture it with conscious and considered movement. Many of us take our bodies for granted and we forget how amazingly intricate and capable they are.

Even though he is not necessarily what you may think of as a stereotypical yogi, Oli brings a genuine enthusiasm and sincerity to his yoga practice which is something he strives to share in his teaching. He is focused on providing a space which allows students to experience a more personalised yoga practice. To him, it’s not just about movement; yoga is something which may, in time, extend beyond the mat.