Eve Gindein

yoga teacher

I started Yoga when I was seeking a way to heal physically and emotionally from a serious scooter
accident in 2010.
Yoga let me fall in love with the world. I’m obsessed with yoga philosophy and anatomy and spend a lot
of my free time reading and learning about it all.
I first knew I wanted to be a Yoga instructor in a Yoga Nidra class at The Yoga Barn in Bali in 2015. I
needed a break from my Chef job and decided to take my first trip to Bali and heard that Ubud was the
place to be. I was deeply moved by this incredible teacher, a Jamaican woman called Nadine McNiel. She
was so powerful, yet so gentle, and was able to bring me into a state of presence that I had never
experienced. I thought to myself, I really want to facilitate this for people.
I had been practicing hot yoga with Power Living since 2012. I signed up for Power Living’s teacher
training as soon as I returned home from Bali. I enjoy the camaraderie and connections of the studio
communities, especially the connections I make with my students. It’s the best job in the world.
I try to get to two yoga classes and two Pilates classes per week – Yoga softens my edges, Pilates gives
me edge.
I have a home yin and meditation practice and I train with a Personal Trainer once a week. I live right
next to South Beach and I try to get into the ocean every morning before work. It’s a really cruisey
lifestyle here compared with other places I’ve lived, like Los Angeles and Bolivia.