Amanda Atkins

senior teacher

Yoga was something I liked the idea of, but had only dabbled in. I never knew its power and how it could
change my life so much.
Then ten years ago I took a Bikram class at the Myaree studio. As most mothers are, I was extremely
busy and out of balance. This yoga class was the first experience I’d had in a long time that was for and
about me; I was receiving and not giving.
Yoga is my fuel. It’s fuels my body, my mind, and my being. It’s my number one relationship. It’s that
complete feeling of body, mind and breath all meeting in the one place – it can’t get any better.
The physical Asana practise grounds me and clears my mind, so when life throws its curve balls, I have a
tool boxfull of the solutions I’ve learnt on my mat that I can start to unravel, unpack and put to use.
As a parent, it’s helped me 100% – self-awareness and that practice of self-enquiry. I try to be as
checked-in emotionally as possible.
My biggest challenge as a teacher would be getting out of my own way – this is not about me –
it’sabout the students, their experience and their take away on any given day.
I get so much personally back from the community -just hearing the students’ stories and being able to
learn from them. It’s a beautiful balanced exchange.