Pimp Your Porridge: Our Favourite Recipes

Now that it's Autumn, switch up the Smoothie Bowls for a nurturing bowl of porridge in the morning, Pimp Your Porridge with these recipes we love. 

The seasonal shift into Autumn can show up in our mind and body – dryer skin, lower immunity, soreness in joints, getting sleepy earlier and waking up later and maybe even experiencing lower mood as the daylight lessens.

The cold, dry and dark qualities of Autumn can be balanced with consuming plenty of nourishing practices, just think about the opposites of these aspects: Find warmth – stoke your internal fire with a strong Power Flow. Eat warm foods with spices and oil. Stay hydrated with warm liquids like broths, herbal teas and warm water.

A simple start is to switch up the Smoothie Bowls for a nurturing bowl of porridge in the morning. Pimp Your Porridge with these recipes we love that take porridge to new heights and will have you embracing those cold mornings.

green kitchen stories buckwheat porridge

This recipe from Green Kitchen Stories uses buckwheat for something different (although it works with Oats too!). The addition of nuts and nut butter are great post your Power Flow practice to up your protein.

My new roots porridge

This porridge from My New Roots uses a mixture of grains and seeds perfectly high in protein for your post yoga breakfast and is highly nutritious. Topped with fresh fruit, nuts and maple syrup, try topping with Autumn seasonal fruits like pears and persimmons.

minimalist baker porridge

This bowl of oats by the Minimalist Baker is the perfect comfort breakfast.  An easy go to for those chilly mornings with simple ingredients and tasty toppings.


discover delicious porridge

This simple recipe from Michael Kitson is easy and perfect for mornings when you don’t have much time. It uses the traditional base of oats so is super creamy and  adds flair with nut butter, seeds and dried fruits.