Sacha Norsworthy

yoga teacher

I started teaching at Sunday school at the age of nine, I have always been a teacher of something. After
years of teaching other disciplines, therapeutic movement became my focus. Motion is lotion!
As an ex dancer, I was drawn to Yoga to manage my physical body, and then; as a spiritual warrior for
truth and progress; I found wisdom in its teaching and relief in its practices. I am passionate about
improving the quality of another’s life through these tools and to ask the hard questions that move
them forward.
The biochemistry and physiology of the body to a great extent determines how we feel and therefore
our lens in which we view everything. Yoga improves this physiological foundation and carves a way for
progress on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and emotional.
Yoga is my parent. A loving, gentle but rock solid teacher that is always there. It provides the discipline
and boundaries I lacked growing up, and the wisdom to keep me course correcting.
The best part of teaching yoga, is seeing the spiritual change in others after practice. I’m challenged to
consistently reflect on who I am and the quality of my contribution, whilst carving my way in the
My own practice involves daily meditation. It’s my rock. When I lose sight of the fact my reality is just
perception; and my brain just a tool, I lose gratitude and humility. Life is a given gift that doesn’t
last forever. My meditation seat brings me straight back to that.