Kylie Pearsall

yoga teacher

I started practicing yoga as a teenager but I didn’t get serious about my yoga practice until 2012. I was
living in Melbourne and running my own sports medicine clinic, lecturing at university in anatomy and
physiology, and consulting to organisations like the Australian Ballet, the AFL and Tennis Australia. As a
physiotherapist, I was focused on teaching people to move more effectively and efficiently to either
manage an injury or prevent them from occurring.
Ironically I was doing a lot of CrossFit at the time, and needed yoga for balance. I broke up with CrossFit
and stayed faithful to yoga. It became a place of healing for me.
Yoga offers an opportunity to discover yourself. Through movement, through breath, through stillness
you meet parts of yourself that you had been hiding or at war with, and you learn to meet them with
compassion and curiosity.
My decision to teach yoga came from an awareness of the benefits the practice had given me and a
genuine desire to share those with others. I actually don’t consider teaching yoga work – It’s a privilege
to be able to share yoga and leave people embodied and empowered.
My wish? That students leave my class more connected to their true divine nature, knowing themselves
as better humans and sharing their light with their community more brightly.