Kylie Hazeldine

yoga & pilates

I’ve always worked in movement. I had a love of dance in my teens and 20’s, then I got into Pilates and
worked in Perth’s very first Pilates studio 21 years ago.
I teach Pilates most days and I’m constantly in training as a teacher and have worked with many
teachers from around the world. I have a passion for learning and love of anatomy. To have reached the
point in my teaching career where I have a great understanding of the body in front of me while I work,
is extremely rewarding.
I found yoga five years ago. I walked in to the Myaree studio, did my first Vinyasa class and knew that
day that I would be teaching yoga. I practised every single day and did my teacher training after six
months. I’ve been a part of the PL community ever since.
I love the diversity of people you’re exposed to at PL. So many different walks of life but when we walk
through the door we’re all the same. It gives you perspective and makes you really humble and open.
What’s great about teaching is empowering people who may have lost belief in themselves. For
example, when a woman who has suffered with pain or depression, comes in with a lack of confidence
and can be guided into a exercise and nails it! To see the sparkle come back in her eyes – that why I
I still practice yoga most days as I make sure I fill my cup. It makes me a better mum, and a better
human being.