Jae Edwards

pilates teacher

I was a personal trainer for two years and I just really struggled with the concept of only being there for
aesthetics – most people were there for someone else not themselves.
I decided to sign up for a short Pilates course in 2012 and was obsessed and have never looked back. I
ended up doing my full diploma of Pilates.
Pilates is like life… it has taught me discipline and a deeper connection to my body and its movement
potential. Pilates has taught me not to force myself into strange shapes or rush the movement in the
hopes of just getting it done. It has taught me a respect for where I am in my practice, right at that
moment, and that’s all I can ask of my body.
Likewise as a teacher, I ask my students not to be frustrated by what they think they should be able to
do versus what their body can do today.
I have such a passion for teaching and sharing Pilates with everyone and anyone. I love watching lots of
Pilates clips online or looking for inspiration on Instagram. I’m always jumping on the reformer, even if
it’s only five minutes of creating sequences and making sure my classes feel good in my body.
I always aim to inspire my students and other instructors to continually grow and develop and fall in love
with the movement. It’s the highest compliment to see a student fall so deeply into their practice that
they decide to take on teacher training course.