Bhav Patel

yoga teacher

My mum first inspired me to practice Yoga. From a young age, I remember seeing her grace, strength
and focus as she practiced her routine of mindful movement each morning.
I love the elegance and complexity of the philosophical background and traditions of Yoga, and the
numerous ways we can incorporate these into our daily lives. No matter who we are or what our life
story is, the yogic philosophy is Universal and there is always an element that we can relate to.
After a few years of solid practice in my early twenties, I knew that one day I would be sharing my
passion. I was gripped by the often unexplainable feeling you get after finishing a strong Asana practice.
This small sense of stillness coming from somewhere deep within, reminding me that calm is constantly
there no matter the chaos that surrounded me, especially as I lived in the hustle and bustle of London at
the time.
The benefits of Yoga are endless and there is always more to learn. I like to begin my own practice with
an intention of which direction I want to take each session. Sometimes all I need is a few quick stretches
first thing in the morning, on my rattan rug, lunging in the lounge with a cup of tea in one hand… No
practice is ever wasted! My mediation practice follows naturally after each session.
Although I love having routine and structure in my life I have learnt not to be so tough on myself if
things don’t go to plan. This has taught me not to be too rigid with my time, knowing that I will always
get the job done. It’s an ongoing lesson for me to not sweat the small stuff.