Aimee Bricker

pilates teacher
Health, fitness and wellness has always been a big part of my life. I started going to the gym with my dad at 15, and joined mum for Clinical Pilates from 16 to start rehabbing some knee and ankle injuries. While living in London and working in advertising, I started to notice how much of an impact exercise was having on my mental health, and how positive it was. I was using the gym as an escape from reality and loving it.
This led to completing my personal training certifications while in London and starting to train friends and colleagues. Doing my reformer pilates training was always on the cards for me, as I think so highly of the medium of pilates as not only exercise, but also as a way of creating and enhancing that mind- muscle connection.
I have a huge, vested interest in women’s  health, specifically hormonal/ovarian health, as well as nutrition. I’m pre/post natal trained and look forward to continually learning about the best ways to move bodies. I love teaching the group environment, and challenging a class. But making sure that no matter what, they walk out of the studio having had a laugh, and having worked their entire body.