Sound Healing Meditation & Cacao Ceremony

5th Dec 2020, North Perth $60 + 10% off for members

A soma-acoustic journey, combining the structure of ceremony, the warmth of cacao and the joy of sound – this meditation will be an opportunity to stop, unplug and take the time to slow down.

This powerful offering is facilitated by the highly experienced team of Catherine and Willow Francis. They use soundscapes during the guided meditation that are evidence based to help support brain waves to slow down, provide a deeper journey, switch on the parasympathetic nervous system and engage a pre-sleep state.

After experiencing one of these meditation ceremonies, people have found enhanced creativity, inspiration, self-reflection, self-healing, stress reduction and a feeling of restfulness and presence.

Open to everyone! No meditation experience required.
Why Cacao?

The cacao is part of the ceremony for its healing properties including  its high magnesium content for relaxation and the array of health supporting nutrients in the cacao.

The aspect of ceremony also adds richness, connection, depth and meaning to our experience. It enables intent and attention where we consciously create more meaningful and  present moments.

The drink is specifically prepared for the ceremony from a traditional Guatemalan recipe Catherine and Willow were trained to serve. It contains a special raw cacao paste, raw cold-pressed organic dark agave nectar (a natural low GI sweetener from the agave succulent), a small amount of organic panella (unrefined whole cane sugar), organic vanilla bean powder and a pinch of chilli.

Therapeutic Sounds for Deep Relaxation

Catherine and Willow incorporate a blend of leading edge brainwave synchronising technologies that use alpha, theta and delta frequencies to assist the brain to slow down to deeper rhythms. This in turn shifts our awareness and creates space for deep relaxation.

Combining this technology with evocative and eclectic music and singing, including soaring female vocals, overtone singing, wide ambient soundscapes and traditional indigenous music, they facilitate a unique and powerful inner journey.