Inner Radiance + Intro to Ayurveda Workshop

16th May 2021, North Perth, Jen Rose $39* 10% off for members

About this workshop

If you would like to improve your digestion, sleep better, have stronger immunity and feel more vital, clear and stoke the fire of your own inner wisdom when it comes to taking charge of your individual wellbeing, then join Jen Rose for this explorative workshop!

Jen will take you through the fundamentals of the ancient sister science to Yoga, known as Ayurveda. You’ll walk away with some simple tools to use daily to help you create balance in your body and mind, while aligning with the seasons and feeling completely nourished.

Using the ancient science of Ayurveda, in this workshop you will learn how to build a personal lifestyle practice that helps you to stay balanced and nourished through the seasons.

Jen will guide you through the fundamentals of the 5,000 year old Ayurvedic system, a complimentary practice to Yoga that offers lifestyle principles and food guidelines that establish good gut health, longevity and disease prevention.

With a focus on the philosophy that Food is Medicine, you will learn how to integrate simple tools into your daily life to help you enhance your vitality, get clarity & improve digestion & sleep as you discover your own individual path to wellbeing.

Armed with knowledge, some simple Ayurveda remedies and a trust in your own inner wisdom, you can re-align, balance, nourish and become an active participant in your own wellbeing.


Sunday 16th May 9:30am-10:45am

North Perth

$39* 10% off for members

Bring, paper + pen for notes. The only other requirement is that you come along ready to become an active participant in your own health and wellbeing.