How a Yoga Sweat Session Benefits Your Skin

How Yoga Benefits Your Skin

A regular Yoga practice can deliver many benefits, such as increased strength, flexibility, stress release and healthy skin.  You may be familiar with the “post-yoga glow” you get after a sweaty, heart-rate raising Power Yoga or Hot Yoga class.

That lovely healthy glow we get after a practice is due to the increased blood flow which promotes circulation in the skin, as well as providing a lovely release of endorphins which make us happy.

Our skin is our largest organ so it’s no wonder it is very much affected by our lifestyle. Dermatologists agree that exercising keeps skin healthy, promotes new skin cells and brings nutrients to the skin via amplified oxygen circulation.

Sweating when we exercise also helps to clear out pores so it’s a good habit to clean the skin afterwards to remove any makeup or products that could clog the pores. We recommend using natural, chemical free skin care. Also if you experience any chaffing, heat induced rashes or rosacea a rinse with cool water and a gentle cleanser as soon as you can after class is a good idea.

Overall, exercise and sweating is like cleansing our skin from the inside out. Blood flow increases, so more oxygen & nutrients gets pumped around the body which helps nourish skin cells. The blood flow also helps to remove waste products and free radicals from cells so a sweet sweat session can help to flush cellular debris out of our system.

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